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Filing Systems

Color-Coding Folders & Accessories

Planners, Stickers, Tabs, and Folders By improving access to files, organizations can dramatically cut costs by as much as $200 per misfile. Color coding will minimize costly misfiles and help organizations locate folders with more efficiency. Customized folders will make using a file easier and more intuitive. Add file-backs, custom indexes, fasteners, outguides, year bands, designation labels and other file accessories to further streamline hardcopy filing systems.

File Labels On-Demand

Label Printer Color Code File Labels on Demand:
A computer-generated strip label program that provides immediate color-coding for files. Using your computer and inkjet or laser printer, you can generate one-piece labels in minutes at a fraction of the cost of other on-demand color code label systems.

It's simple to use:
    1. Type in the data for new file labels or import it from an existing database.
    2. Print out the labels on your existing color ink jet or laser printer.
    3. Apply the printed labels to your folders.
It's that easy!

Conversion Services

Working on the Files Dupont Storage Systems recognizes the importance of filing efficiently. A system conversion is one of the many services we offer to the market place. Dupont consultants will manage the conversion project from start to finish. We assure proper transfer of files in a timely manner while maintaining security of your documents at all times.
Dupont Storage Systems conversion services include:
  • Computer-generated labels
  • Record moves, purges and merges
  • Alpha, numeric and terminal digit systems
  • Indexing
  • Custom database solutions
  • Paper file preparation
  • Scanning

Ellis Workfile Compartments

Open Folder with Hooks Ellis Workfile is a suspension file for letter, legal and oversize documents. The suspended folder system allows for folders to hang on a bar above the folder as opposed to having metal tabs on rods. Workfiles can be used in drawers, in shelving or on your desktop. The Workfile can be used for general filing, batch filing, oversize documents and to replace Pendaflex style folders.

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