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Times Two Speed Files

Three Sizes of Shelves Times-2 Speed Files provide versatile, dual-sided filing in a locked cabinet that rotates. Active files can be securely locked to help meet the HIPAA regulations for protecting patient records; simply rotate the unit to the closed position and lock with the key.
One Times-2 can provide almost as much storage as three lateral filing cabinets. Multiple units can be used as room dividers and accessed by workstations on either side. Times-2 units can also be positioned in an alcove or against a wall to maximize office space.
Times-2 Speed Files offer versatile record storage with the ability to easily convert from one filing style to another. Switching to electronic document imaging? No problems. Times-2 accommodates a variety of accessories and drawers for storing binders, CD-ROMS, zip disks, floppies and tapes. Pharmaceutical samples can be doubly protected with individually locking security drawers. Choose from six different unit heights and a standard palette of tweny-two colors in our durable Gloss-Tek powder coat finish.

Quik-Roll Security Door

Security Door over Filing Cabinet Securing important documents or patient information to meet HIPAA compliance has never been easier. Quik-Roll Security Door from Aurora Storage Products can help meet your needs. The locking Quik-Roll installs on new Aurora Shelving or retrofits to existing shelving within minutes. Your files stay in place, no need to unload. You lose no filing space. The unit locks with a single push-button keyed lock. Quik-Roll can also provide security for mobile applications, both new and existing.


Open Doors Over Filing Shelves Quik-Door can offer safe and secure storage for documents and valuables. Simply add on to new or existing Aurora Shelving and you can lock your materials with one turn of the handle. Quik-Door can be used on any depth shelving so you can lock up any of your stored items. Heights from 40" to 97" and widths from 30" to 48" gives flexibility depending on your shelf units.

Fire Proof Cabinets

Safe Slideshow Fire resistant files are designed to withstand exposure to fire and impact while maintaining the integrity of their contents. Cabinets are made to store files, ledgers , cash, data tapes or anything our clients deem valuable. Cabinets and data safes are classified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and come in various sizes and storage capacities.

Art & Engineering Files

Tall Filing Draw Storage We offer numerous cabinets for flat filing or vertical filing of maps, drawings, artwork, engineering documents or any other oversized documents. These cabinets are all high density and will use much less floor space than typical file cabinets.

Audio/Visual Storage

Media Rack Storing all the different types of media used today can present a problem. We have designed multi-media and audio/video storage units that allow you to store media alphabetically, numerically, by project... in any configuration that meets your needs.

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